About Us

We have been in the field of fashion since 1997 with headquarters in Pythagorion, Samos, where we started our first store.

Our philosophy is to dress the whole family with comfortable everyday clothes and shoes. We try and make choices so that our products are unique, at good prices and meet the requirements of our customers.

In this journey of twenty-three years, we have always been distinguished by the concern to constantly improve, to follow fashion but keeping the quality high. That is why the name <<CUTSKIN>> is a point of positive reference, on the beautiful island of Samos.

Since 2008 we have shared our life and our time between Thessaloniki and Samos. So we decided and took another professional step by opening a second store in 2016 in Plagiari, Thessaloniki. After this second business move, we entered the field of children’s clothing.

It is a philosophy of life for us to be informed and to always offer our customers something better, more fashionable, fresher, with clothes that renew and have finesse.

So now we have the joy and the honor to be even closer to you with our new e-shop. From our online store and social media we can present our products.

We do not rest and we are present in every new challenge of our time, with love and passion.

Through this route, the source of energy for us is the trust of our customers, in the places where we have our physical stores. We will continue to do this and through our online store to serve you and you to support us and trust us.